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Indiscriminate global mass surveillance spearheaded by the United States and supported by multinational corporations threaten not only the privacy rights of individuals but also the democratic process. The surveillance efforts of governments around the world continue to compromise the ability of citizens to organize and carry out social, economic, and political action by subverting the technology which it enables. This website will demonstrate, using sociology and its theoretical frameworks, how individuals,  organizations, and corporations are influencing digital rights and consequently the integrity of the global public sphere and be supported by sociological theory like Habermas’ conception of public sphere and Actor Network Theory as elaborated by Latour, Callon, and Mol. Supported by established sociological theory, this research will reveal how relevant social groups are engaged in the defense of freedom, equality, and democracy within the digital realm.

Animasec’s Sociology & Infosec Roadmap


Over time I will be developing the content featured on this website. I intend to start by writing short, accessible articles that establish the relevance of sociological analysis to information security. After that, the direction of the content will largely be influenced by its reception. It’s important that what I create is useful. I’m sure I could write content that would be inaccessible without a thorough understanding of sociological theory but I believe the strengths of sociology could better serve the information security community if like I mentioned, the content was accessible and relevant to what’s happening.

Reviews & Summaries of Journal Articles

There is some academic content that’s directly relevant and underappreciated by the infosec community. I will find academic sources that deal with information security, ethics, morality, economic, political, cultural, and so on review and then summarize their contents for an audience that isn’t steeped in sociological theory.


I will be creating and compiling resources that support the content that I write. The glossary will be expanded and over time I plan to replace Wikipedia entries with custom definitions that better fit the objectives of this website. Websites that provide relevant information will also be compiled and described.

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