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I suppose I can be appreciative of Carleton University and the department of Sociology and Anthropology. My experience as a graduate student of the institution and its people certainly helped burn away any veneer of the noble academic and the pursuit of higher education as a path of enlightenment and betterment for societies. I had hoped my research which sought to uncover how hackers who manage and design technologies on which democratic processes rely, engage ...continue

Critical Review: Allison Hanes’s Column “The devil is in the details of Bill 96 — and they are alarming”

Allison Hanes wrote and published this garbage and I felt compelled to critique it in roughly same manner, albeit more roughly, as I would have were I still in grad school grading papers. Not sure how this fits in to the general theme of my blog yet, but I felt compelled to post it. I might spin this type of article into its own thing. source:   I sincerely hope Bill 96 works to ...continue

Completed the Summary of Taddeo’s Just Information Warfare Article (2016)

I completed the second part of the summary and edited the original article which you can check out here.

I’ve also stated working on and adding graphics/illustrations to existing work like this one. I’ll be working on some more detailed infographics in the future, should be a good way to quickly convey information in a compelling manner.


Seeking Truth Talk @ OWASP Ottawa

In light of mental health events in the United States and Canada I had the opportunity to give a talk on mental health at OWASP Ottawa’s monthly meetup. With 30 minutes I did my best to high structural factors that impact an individual’s well being, discussed factors specific to information security, and then talked about tools that we can use to help navigate the evolving challenges which we all face. I also included a number of ...continue

Glossary & Resources Updates

I’ve started fleshing out the glossary and refining how tool-tips will work throughout the site in addition to linking Wikipedia to the glossary. The plugin will allow me to focus on actual content instead of using my energy to build the supporting structure. However, I do plan on eventually writing custom entries for the glossary. If you have any questions or suggestions as to content that could, don’t hesitate. I have also started adding resources in ...continue

Abstract: In Defense of the Public Sphere

I’ve added an abstract to paper I am currently revising for publication on this site. The abstract for In Defense of the Public Sphere: The Electronic Frontier Foundation Support of Civil Liberties in the Digital Realm has been added to the articles section and the full version should be published in the near future....continue

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