3D Printed Arduino Wireless Trigger for Mamiya RB67

The purpose of this project was to create a wireless trigger for the Mamiya RB67. I accomplished this by designing a 3D printed bracket for the servo motor and a hotshoe mount for the Arduino board and RF Receiver.

The finished product minus the cover for the Arduino case.

Hotshoe Mount & Arduino Case

Manfrotto Baseplate & Servo Bracket


It’s a pretty straightforward setup, the photos should explain it fairly well. I did encounter some problems with the Tower Pro SG90 servo, it’s incredibly cheap/low quality and mine has stopped working reliably. Googling has shown me I’m not alone with these problems. I’ve ordered 2 different types for additional testing. The 20kg model (20KG Digital Servo High Torque Full Metal Gear) works well but requires more power and would also require redesigning the base plate bracket. I’ve ordered (and am waiting on) a smaller micro servo that seems to be the same size/dimensions as the Tower Pro SG90. It uses metal gears instead of plastic ones and seems to be of better quality (Longruner 10Pcs MG90S Metal Geared Micro Servo Motor 9G). Hopefully it will do the trick.

There are some tiny adjustments I would make for the 3D models, mostly taking away a mm here or there on the base plate to make things fit tighter, and an extra mm or two for the hot shoe arduino case mount so it fits with less shoving involved. However, it works reliably as is, when the servo cooperates, so I’m pretty happy with it. If anyone wants the original OpenSCAD files let me know. It’s a fairly unique project and I would imagine anyone in the same boat won’t have the same base plate but who knows.

The delay is also something I can change easily. If I need an extra few seconds to press the button and place my hands/hide the remote or if I’m not the subject, I can have the trigger respond instantly. I left a longer delay between the servo activation and it moving back to its initial position to minimize movement/vibration, but I suspect it’s probably a non issue.


  • Manfrotto Baseplate
  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Servo 90g
  • Simple RF M4 Receiver – 315MHz Momentary Type
  • Keyfob 4-Button RF Remote Control – 315MHz
  • Arduino Uno Case (Fits tight w/lid on) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:156824


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